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The King of Mediocrity?

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This is an article about an Idol. A Canadian Idol, to be exact.

Kalan Porter, then 18 years old, won the top prize on the "Canadian Idol" TV show last summer. He has most definitly reached greater heights than his predecessor, Ryan Malcolm, who won in the first season of Canadian Idol. Where Ryan's tour was cancelled due to lack of interest, Kalan's tour has been full of sold-out shows, with an audience ranging from children to grandparents.

A Kalan concert has the vibe of an all-out rock concert, with wailing guitars and flashing lights. I tell you this based on my own experience, and I feel the need to add that this was definitely the best concert I have ever attended.

Sadly, most people don't take the time to see past the TV-title of "Idol". To them, this means instant mediocrity.To them, Idol means someone who won't be able to get a job in a karaoke bar a year after winning on the show. It is a stereotype, and I find it hurtful.

Kalan is an amazingly talented singer. He is extremely gracious to everyone he meets. His debut CD, "219 Days", has already gone platinum eight times, and can be found in stores such as HMV and Wal-Mart. He has also released his first music video.

Kalan has some of the most devoted fans I have ever met. His fan club, the "Kalanadians", have a website at http://www.kalan4idol.ca. In the forums there you will be able to find many different people, from his Boomers and Hens fangroup (who recently returned from their Western Road Trip of all of his western Canada concerts), to people who are just glad to celebrate their idol.

No, I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Kalan, but I hope I will someday. Until then, is he the King of Mediocrity? I don't think so!!

This is Asha101, A.K.A. Kalanadian #998, signing off.

Author's Note: This is a follow up article to my other article, entitled "Canada's Idol," written by my old account dancedog, who was unfortunately hacked.


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