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Dirty Lil Secret is STILL Big

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Taking just the simplest glance through Whyville, any observer can tell there are many trends in our growing community. They will especially see many faces with Dirty lil Secret as the hair, and Cotton Candy as the body. In the end, many people look like identical twins because they are all wearing pretty much the same thing.

I asked two people this question: "Are you tired of seeing Dirty lil Secret on almost every girl head in Whyville?"

These are the answers:

TheBrian said, "Yes I am."

Dandan15 said, "I dunno."

Then I asked a girl who wears the hair to tell me why she wears it.

Ibituda86 said, "I wear it because I really like the way it looks and my sister wears it too. We look like twins."

Well, that is a tiny bit of the story behind why people wear this famous face part and how people feel about the hairstyle. Personally, I hope people wear it for their own reasons, not to follow the crowd.

This is Aragorn99, signing off.

Editor's Note: Thanks for your article, Aragorn99, but perhaps next time you could interview more than three people, if you're only going to ask one question. It would mean more for our readers, seeing as there's over a million registered citizens in Whyville! :-)

And for those of you tired of reading about Dirty Lil Secret, what other fashion trends exist in Whyville? What other ways can you write about fashion? You might want to read real-life magazines to get some ideas on how they approach the topic.


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