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The Great Whyville Yeti 2

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The Great Whyville Yeti 2

by Sari and sailorm
    Whyville Writers

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When last we left our heroes, they had just escaped from the ice cave and the mysterious collapse of the portcullis, which appears to have left them unharmed...

After the ice from the roof fell, Sari and sailorm looked up to see the feet of the male Yeti.

"Uh-oh," says Sari.

Part 2

Then the Yeti boomed, "How dare you put me in jail! I will surely take ONE of your lives for this!" So he put sailorm and Sari in separate little cells while they pondered the choice.

Who will die? Sari or sailorm???

Sari whispered to sailorm through a crack in the frost wall. "Sailorm. If we don't decide, I have a feeling he'll be deciding for us!"

"Yea, I know," replied sailorm.

Then, from Sari's side of the wall, a low growl came out of the darkness. Sari got nervous and started breathing heavily. "Sailorm, there is something in here with me!"

"What?!" said sailorm.

"I think it's the baby Yetis," Sari said shakily.

Then sailorm said: "Sari. slip your special watch through this hole down here. I think the father Yeti has already decided for us!"

Sari then slid the watch through the crack in the wall. Sailorm looked for a button on the watch.

"What are you looking for??!!" Sari asked.

"I'm looking for those costumes that the producer of this watch added in here." Sailorm replied.

"What??!! There are costumes in my watch?"

"Yep." Sailorm searched the watch and soon found a button labelled Secret Weapon. He clicked it and out popped two Yeti costumes.

"No way there are two, I would have thought there would have only been one. Oh, well," said Sailorm. He then slid one to Sari and they both quickly put them on and acted like Yetis crawling around the cell floor.

"I hope this works," Sailorm said.

"I hope so too."

When the Yetis came out from the darkness of Sari's cell, Sari tried to hold in her fear by acting as one of the Yetis and ended up following them out. Sailorm was left alone once again. He sat on the cold floor, hoping Sari would come back for him.

Sailorm's cell got colder by the hour, so he snuggled up inside his Yeti costume. Later he got delirious and started seeing things. He thought he saw Sari, with a coffin of ice frozen around her body.

He shook off the dizziness and saw the male Yeti, claws on hips.

"Where is the girl?" he boomed.

"Uh... I d-don't know..." stammered sailorm.

"Don't play stupid with me boy. Where is she?!"

Then sailorm saw the baby Yetis drag in a lump in a very thick, very airless sack.

"W-what's in there?" Sailorm pointed at the sack-looking thing. As the baby Yetis opened it, out fell the frozen body of a girl. Sailorm's vision!

He squinted to see her face and realized it was true. There Sari lay, wrapped in a glacier of ice.

"Ummmmm... she's right there," sailorm said.

The Yeti then turned to look at the girl. "Come my children and have some lunch," he said to his young.

The baby Yetis began to head over to Sailorm's cell; since Sari was frozen, they weren't going to eat her until she thawed. Sailorm backed up against the wall as he watched the baby Yetis once again disappear into the darkness of Sari's cell.

Sailorm stood still, looking for the Yeti. He was backed up against the corner of his cell so maybe they wouldn't see him, but the male Yeti yelled, "GET AWAY FROM THE CORNER BOY!!" Sailorm slowly backed away from the corner.

Suddenly, he saw a opening in his cell and immediately ran to it. The baby Yetis saw Sailorm dashing through the darkness and began to chase him. But he seemed to be outrunning them!

But then they began to start picking up speed and catching up to him. The baby Yetis had hopped onto super-booster skiis and were on sailorm's heels.

Sailorm thought he was done for until he noticed that he still had Sari's watch in his pocket. "Yes! I knew this would come in handy," he said.

He pushed a big blue button and out popped a super snowmobile. So he hopped on and sped away from that cursed cave. The only thing on his mind was, how was he, City Hall, and Bigfoot Bill going to yet again rescue Sari from those hell-raising Yeti caves?

So, away sped Sailorm in the snowmobile, with the crisp cold air blowing through his hair and onto his face. He then turned around, only to see that the baby Yetis were right behind him on snowmobiles too!

"But where would they get snowmobiles?" sailorm thought. "They must be from previous hikers who weren't so lucky."

Sailorm turned the handle of his snowmobile to the max and tried to outrun the Yetis, when out popped the abominable snowman right behind him, and Sailorm fell to the ground with the snowmobile on top of him.

Sailorm fell into a deep slumber. He dreamed of a monster Yeti chasing him and Sari. He dreamed of Bigfoot Bill and City Hall trying to help. He also dreamed Sari was captured twice and almost froze to death in a frozen cave full of hungry baby Yetis.

Finally, Sailorm awoke.

"Sailorm? Are you alright?" He saw Sari and Bigfoot Bill staring over him.

Sailorm bolted up. "Where is the Yeti?!" he yelled.

"What Yeti?" asked Bigfoot.

"There was a Yeti and it captured Sari and tried to feed me to his children."

"Sailorm, you have had a nasty crash. You must rest," said a nurse who was trying to push him back down into bed.

"Crash? What crash?" sailorm said, very confused.

"You were going to a party at Sari's house and the taxicab crashed. You have been unconscious for 3 days," Bigfoot explained.

"Then... it was all a nightmare?" sailorm asked again.

"You bet, sailorm," said Sari cheerfully.

"We better go, he needs to rest," City Hall said softly.

"Ok," said Sari and Bigfoot together.

Then all of them said, "Bye, sailorm. Get well."

"Bye, guys," waved sailorm, already starting to fall asleep again.



By Sari and sailorm




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