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An Egg-cellent Hunt

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This Easter on Whyville, there was an Easter Egg Hunt. I teamed up with my good friend Ps2man1, and we looked all over the globe and Whyville for these special items.

We eventually found a good place at WASA in the Ion Engine area. We were the only ones there, so we had a lot of fun getting all the eggs. (Ps2man1 already had 14 when I started.) We were especially happy to hunt for the rare GREEN egg -- those who found the Green Egg were awarded a one-month Why-Pass!

Since ps2man1 already had a Why-Pass, he agreed to let me have it. That's what friends are for, huh?

After catching up to him, I was very pleased. As I said, we went to WASA since he'd found there were no Whyvillians there searching around. After one hour of collecting eggs and taking pictures, we pretty much stopped searching and started chatting.

One minute later, POW! A GREEN egg appeared! Ps2man1 saw it, but let me have it. I started shouting, "OMG OMG thanks so much!!!" I was so happy, I gave him a hug and ran to tell my mom.

Since the egg disappeared after I touched it, I couldn't take a picture of it, but I do have the proof that I found the RARE GREEN EGG -- I have a Why-Pass!

I need to say that this was an experience to love. Thank you, Ps2man1!

Written by...
Kemario. Love you all!!
*Goes back to Club Why*


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