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Answers to the Egg Hunt

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The results are in. The envelope, please! The winner of my Egg-cellent Egg Hunt from last week was... Dartanian!

Dartanian was the first to send in the correct answers to my pictorial pursuit through Whyville, and received a 50-clam prize.

The three runner ups were michca, lazzlo and My1Westie. Congrats to them for winning 30 clams each.

Thank you to everyone who participated: Spatty5, kacykacy, horse91, WDSSM2, monae929, sophia7, KaNdYY, Horses6, brat209, shoopi345, azilefan, d3cisions, flames7, angelchr, shoker88, skywynd23, TrEcIzZIE, toxic0, FrogiLuck, nicenfun, Pooh143, iluvgunit, lovelyisu, caligrl16, cmm824, richgurrl, kd2005, charchar8, fitdycent, luckichrm, bla45, catz4ever, SwEeTe015, flater, Lilzane23, kaemhk, 357357 and itsdork2u.

(Note: I mailed this to the Times Editor on Friday, April 1, so if you submitted an answer after that, you aren't mentioned. Sorry!)

You all had terrific guesses. And for everyone who couldn't figure out where the eggs are, here are the answers:

Picture One: In the plant.
Picture Two: Behind the plant pot, under the fish tank.
Picture Three: In the grass in front of the Warp Wagon.
Picture Four: One of the sun spot's spots, behind the "Taken" sign.
Picture Five: Behind the stool.

Good job to everyone who participated, whether you won or lost.

However, to the people who were bad sports, I am ashamed of you. If you lost, please don't threaten to report me or call me names. If you don't know the answer, don't copy someone else.

I received five or six Y-mails that had the exact same answers, with the same wording and punctuation. This was supposed to be a fun game, and I didn't appreciate your behavior. You know who you are. If I ever do another contest, please do not behave this way. Thank you.

This is Hermionez, signing off. Say cheese!
*Click* Ahh, the flash went off in my eyes! LOL


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