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Whyvillians Against Password Stealers

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Whyvillians Against Password Stealing

by Baynut
    Guest Writer
I never knew that password-stealing was so serious. Not until it happened to the best friend that I have ever had, Jgirl.

She was just doing what any person would be doing in Whyville. Chatting. Hanging out. Having a good time. We're Y-pals, so maybe even sending me a Y-mail. Just the usual.

But as she was doing any of these things, a girl named Swing showed up, and went over and asked her what her salary was. Jgirl answered that it was somewhere around 40, and Swing said that if she would give her her password she could get on as her and boost it to 72. When Jgirl wondered why she couldn't just ClamGram her the money, or tell her how to get that much, Swing said no no, she liked playing the games.

After much persuading, Jgirl finally gave in... only to have herself locked out of her own name. She now goes under the name LizardLuv.

I'd told Jgirl my password in a Y-mail, so I could be next.

It's not only Jgirl that this has happened to, though. I've heard kids talking about the times that they were hacked as well. I just read an article about a girl named REEH who got her password stolen, though she has no idea who did it, and now she has to go under Vanilla00.

I Y-mailed the REEH-imposter just a little bit ago, and conned her with exactly the same trick Swing used... if she buys it, I'm planning on telling her password to the original REEH without further ado so she can get on as herself and change the password once more, locking the imposter out.


Has this happened to you? Someone you know? Or maybe you just plain feel angry as I am about this matter and want to put a stop to it? If one or maybe all of these ring true with you, contact me, Baynut, and tell me that you want to become a member of W.A.P.S. (Whyvillians Against Password Stealers).

Your job will be to help me track down these imposters, ban them from Whyville, to return the stolen identities to their proper owners, and to encourage others to keep their passwords as safe as possible. Not all people read The Whyville Times, so I will also be Y-mailing letters on this subject to random people.

And before you think, "How do we know that we will succeed?", just keep in mind that many real nations have conquered criminals and passed laws, so who says that a virtual one cannot?




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