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The Club Why

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The Club Why
Coming soon...

by Bigfoot Bill
Times Writer and New City Worker
"Ask what you can do for Whyville... and find out what Whyville can do for you!"

Hey, hey everybody! Bigfoot Bill here, with some big news, and some small news! First, the small one -- feel free to congratulate me, I'm now a full-time City Worker, which means I get to get paid to hang out at Whyville and lend a helping hand to anybody who needs it. Sweet!

Now for the Big News -- insider info on Club Why! What? You've never heard of Club Why? That's because it's been totally under wraps until last Tuesday, when City Hall posted a notice at her BBS. For those of you who didn't read it, this article says a lot of the same things (only Bigfoot-style), and for those of you who did read it, but didn't respond, this is your chance! Go straight to the bottom of this article and fill out the form, quick!!

First a little history: up through now, Whyville's been paid for by generous individuals and special groups who believe in us... but that money can't last forever, and Whyville can't continue to grow on that kind of income. So, we need to find other ways of making money in order for Whyville to stay alive.

Nobody at City Hall wants Whyville to become a place where citizens have to pay real money just to be a citizen -- that's lame! And so would having to read banner after banner of advertising. Instead of that, we've come up with something special, something totally Whyvillian -- Club Why!

Members of the Club will get three main things:

  1. The Club Why Membership Package -- including a Y-D Card (with your Whyville face on it) and special Whyville gear. We're considering Whyville posters, stickers, T-shirts, mugs, picture frames, or screensavers, but nothing's been decided yet.
  2. A subscription to the Whyville Insider, published every three months -- featuring advance info on future Whyville events and projects (because we know how much y'all like info!); cool hands-on science activities from Dr. Leila and the crew; and anything else we can cram into it.
  3. Surprise privileges, which we need your help in thinking up! We don't want the club to get too snooty, so we're not talking about getting god-powers, but we do want things you think are cool.

Now, while this whole thing is partly about helping Whyville survive, it's only going to work if lots and lots of Whyvillians sign up for it. Would you be willing to join the Club Why? What kind of gear, what kind of insider info would you want to get? And the big question -- how much would you pay? We think it'll cost \$24 a year for membership, which is just \$2 a month.

What do you think? Take a moment to ask yourself and your parents, and then fill out this form... because by doing this, you are helping your own town. :) Wouldn't you want to contribute to Whyville and help keep this place alive and well? You'll help keep general citizenship in Whyville FREE to everyone. Be sure you discuss with your parents and see what they think.

Would you like to contribute to Whyville and help keep your town alive and healthy? Be sure you talk to your parents and see what they think. Your are NOT committing to anything by filling out this survey. You'll just be helping us make some decisions about this Club Why idea.

Even if you can't contribute anything, it would really help us to know that.

Club Why Survey

I've talked to my parents, and they agreed that when Club Why is ready, we could contribute:

On top of getting a membership card and a newsletter every 3 months, I like the idea of getting:

About this Club Why idea, I also think that: