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Petitions and Polls

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Petitions and Polls

by BluBird
    Guest Writer
Lately there have been many people who have submitted petitions at City Hall. They are located in the Poll Booth at the lobby. I'm here to answer a few questions regarding them.

How do I vote?

To vote, click on the petition page (the one with numbers and lines all over it), then click on the petition you want to vote on, read it, and click the 'vote on this' button. You cannot vote twice on one petition, though, remember.

To vote for a poll, click on the box in the Poll Booth that says "Vote!" on it. Also, while you are still reading the petition you can click on the Whyvillian's head/body to send them Whymail or add them to your address book.

How do I make a petition?

Click on the 'make a petition' button. Remember, when you make a petition it has to be able to have a yes or no answer to it, (e.g. Do you think that there should be a mall in Whyville?), because people can only vote yes to it.

How do I make a poll?

The Polls are different from petitions because they used to be petitions. When petitions get enough votes they go to the polls so all of Whyville can vote what they really think on them: yes, no or maybe.

How long do they last?

Polls last for 21 days and petitions last untill they are the last ones on the board because of so many new petitions coming in.

Remember to vote on your own petition after you create it!



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