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The Debate: A Pictorial View

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As many of you know, the latest Whyville Senate Debate was held on Thursday, April 21 at 2:30 p.m. Three of the four candidates attended -- RhinoRyan was not present.

Before City Hall arrived and the debating began, City Worker superid even let us have a "mosh pit". I took numerous fun pictures, which made it tough to sort through to find the best ones. The pictures are in the order that they happened at the debate.

Unfortunately, I could not photograph the end of the event, because I had to go, but I hope that you enjoy what I acquired while I was there.

Here is a picture of our "mosh pit". Moocow007 and Sk87 are visible, as is current senator Rebok:

Here is what City Hall said right before we started:

Sk87's opening statement....

I was a little late catching Moocow's opening statment, but I caught the last part of it:

And Ninja04's opening statement:

Ninja04 clarifies her credit card idea....

Moocow007 also explained her "double personality". It turns out her main account is actually babygrace. She originally began to run on babygrace, but her platform was one of the "early reported ones", so instead of losing all those votes she decided to run on her alternate account instead.

I did get a few other pictures, but I didn't want to make this article take up too much space. I hope you got a good look at the debate here, if you weren't able to attend. Look out for the transcript in this week's Times! Maybe next time around, you'll be able to experience the debate as it happens. Remember to check your calendar in the Welcome Page to see when it's happening.

Yours in Whyville,


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