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May the Best Candidate Win

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Hey there, fellow Whyvillians! As we all know, Whyville's next Senate Seat is up for grabs, and four lucky Whyvillians have a chance at that opportunity!

I had a chance to interview the candidates and ask a few questions. (I got ahold of all but Rhynoryan.) Here are what the three had to say:

Question 1: How does it feel to be in the final Senate Election process?

Sk87: "It is an honor. I worked so hard for this, and my supporters helped me get votes so I could be in the top 3 (4)."
Ninja04: "It feels so good, and my campaign manager snikers00 and I feel very accomplished!! =D"
Moocow007: "It feels amazing. It's wonderful how people are so supportive."

Question 2: If elected Senator, what would be the first thing that you would do?

Sk87: "First, I would talk with the people and see if they like their new Senator. I can only present ideas, not change Whyville."
Ninja04: "I would try to get the Friend Finder!! =D"
Moocow007: "First, I would really like to get that 'save as' button [into the Face Factory]; I think it would help the whole face part-making process."

Question 3: What do you think the biggest issue in Whyville is right now, and if you are elected, how will you change/solve it?

Sk87: "There isn't really such a big issue in Whyville. Maybe the server is constantly being backlogged, but I cannot fix that."
Ninja04: "I would not be able to completely stop it, but I want to try to prevent racism!! =D "
Moocow007: "Currently, I think that the senator races are a pretty big issue in Whyville. I like the City Workers' idea of having [the platforms] sent in a week early to have them all read over. "

Good luck to all of the Senate Candidates in this election! May the best Whyvillian win!

Hoping to write again soon,


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