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Friend of Newbies

I know that everyone in Whyville can probably remember how horrible it was to be a newbie. Some of you who are reading this might even be newbies.

I actually have several rich friends on Whyville who donated clothes and body parts to me so I didnt look like a newbie, so I did not have the troubles faced by many newbies today. So, for the total experience, I decided to "be the newbie."

I made a new account, rtrdzunit (which is actually a representative for RetardsUnite.com and didn't visit Grandma's on purpose. I was ready to start begging.

I noticed a crowd in the Spin Speak. I headed over there, and asked, as all newbies do, "Will someone please clam me???" A couple of Whyvillians simply said, "Sorry, I'm broke" and left it at that, continuing to whisper. One person started to say, "Mmmmmmmmmm no" and "ur lame! u dont have any clams! haha! newbie!" I left quickly after that.

I went back on my main account, neopets1, which has a nice face, and went back there. The response was much different. Instead of "ur lame", I got "you wanna go out?" (Just for the record, I turned him down) I later found out it was a singles meeting, and that no newbies were allowed.

I noticed a poll before about getting more guys on whyville. How do you people who are acting like this plan to do that??? If I really was a newbie, I would have left then and never come back.

Please, if you are a newbie, or you just agree with me, Y-mail me. I would really like to hear from you. Thanks, from Whyville's Undercover reporter, neopets1.


Whyvile Citizen

Everyone, what would you say, if I told you, I had a way to stop Hackers?! Well I do! Here's the idea: Instead of only have one password, we have two. One is used for logging in, and the other is used for our email. I'll explain; When hackers get into your account, they change your password and your email, so you can't email yourself the password. So, you can't change your email without the second password. So you can ALWAYS get your account back!! This is a petition, plez sign it, and we can stop hackers Foreva!!

Note from City Hall: This is a clever idea, but here is the problem -- I'm worried that this will actually encourage people to share their passwords with one another, raise each other's salary, etc. There is really NO reason to share your password AT ALL. So please just don't do that, and we won't have a problem!



Lost ID?

Hi, my name was peaches07. I would like to inform Whyville that as of Dec 22, peaches07 is a imposter -- she has taken my complete identity and clams, clothes, home, everything.

She is living in a home that not even the owner knows that it is not the real peaches. I really think it is so unfair that we at Whyville work so hard to get where we are, and then someone can take it all away in mintues. This has to stop! I now have nothing and I am really thinking about giving up on Whyville. Too bad for me, I really enjoyed Whyville.




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