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the bully

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he rages from within, he longs for a fight
he needs to choose someone on the fast approaching night
he looks around the room, spying on everyone he sees
at last he finds his victim, the kid with shaking knees
his peers all back off and build a circle around
the geek with big glasses is the victim that was found
standing at the door is a teacher clearly in sight
but this poor woman is not aware of what's right
but a 12-year-old girl who is wise beyond her years
already knows the difference between horseplay and horrid fears
the victim of torture sees her coming in
while the bully's face is still fixed with a grin
she breaks into the circle and separates the two
she pulls the bully to the side and asks, "what's wrong with you?
you know that he's smaller and is terrified of stepping in
and with pressure of his peers there's no doubt he'd never win!"
with that being said, she turned her back and walked
the bully was dumbfounded, it was the closest he'd ever been to being mocked
this was a very important day for the bully learned something new
everything the girl had said, all of it was true.
he learned about himself and why he's always so mad
his father had beaten him and learned from examples that were bad
from that day forth he made new friends and turned the other cheek
for the girl who stepped in that day was the sister of the geek


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