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The Sparkling Warriors Return

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The Sparkling Warriors Return

by Etrnl *
    Whyville Writer
Ok, peepz. I know you're waiting for the final conclusion to the suspenseful story of the Sparkling Warriors, am I right? Well, I need people to help me with the conclusion! I had posted "End the first volume of the Sparkling Warriors" and no one posted back! I'm going to try one more time, but the issue will come next week. This week, I'm going to tell you a bit about each character!

Etrnl Celestial * Eternally

Blonde, green eyed, and intelligent, Etrnl Celestial * Eternally lives a masked life behind the face of Etrnl *, the fun-loving, body part making, article writing, furniture designing contributor to Whyville. Yelling "Etrnl Celestial * POWER COME FORTH!" she transforms into the warrior that's always ready for action. With the powers of the stars, the universe's planets, and leading the Sparkling Warriors, this girl's gonna kick the bad guy's bee-hind, or go mad with all the things she does!

Sparkling Fire

Didn't anyone tell those bad guys not to mess with fire? This girl's not only gonna' chew them up and spit them out, she gonna' burn 'em up! This girl has the reputation, in and out of her uniform, for being ruthless. Red haired and red eyed, she also is gonna be associated with the flame. She became best friends with Etrnl *, and I think that calmed her down a bit, but those bad guys had better run if they hear "FIRE COME FORTH!"

Sparkling Wind

This girl is running from her life. She wants to outrun the wind, but when the wand of the wind appears, she takes it, and stays in one place to defeat the evil that she was running away from in the first place. Long cream-blue hair, no bangs, and cream-yellow eyes, not a bit tom-boyish, but not too prissy, don't let her wind get near Sparkling Ice, or you're calling for a chill to go down your spine. Don't wait until you hear "WIND COME FORTH!" to go to the basement, or your local tornado shelter.

Sparkling Tree

"TREE COME FORTH!" is like a person crying out "TIMBER!" to bad guys everywhere! Here's your prissy ballet girl, yet nice and sweet and kind. Her short brown hair, and green eyes will remind you of that oak in your backyard, but her powers will remind those bad guys of one thing: "GET OUT OF THE WAY!" Let's just pray that she doesn't get carried away.

Sparkling Water

"WATER COME FORTH!" Your real life mermaid-gone-human, her aqua hair, and blue eyes will have you drowned. Just don't make waves for this girl, or she'll hurricane your head off. Poor girl has had a tough enough life anyhow, having a hurricane destroy her house, and kill her father! Now that she has the power of that hurricane, let's just say, don't mention "dad".

Sparkling Lightning

One electrifying girl, 50,000 volts of power, 5,000,000,000,000,000 volts of shyness. She'll never say a word to you, unless you push her too far, then that "LIGHTNING COME FORTH" will be like a lightning storm to that certain person's body. With bright yellow hair and eyes, she's gonna electrify you! Really, we don't know much else about her, because she is sooooooo quiet, and could someone pass some ice so we can see if she's still alive over there?

Sparkling Sand

This girl likes the hot conditions, and, at the slightest sign of fall, she bundles up like it's -100 below zero! "SAND COME FORTH!" is the last thing these bad guys wanna hear, of course, though, they think they can go up against a Sparkling Warrior! HA! Sparkling Sand's just looking for a boyfriend, and is extremely jealous of Etrnl Celestial * Eternally and Prince (+) Earth's relationship, although her red-and-orange hair and orange eyes make her vain.

Sparkling Ice

Ice-blue hair and silver eyes, and just the opposite of Sparkling Sand, this girl likes that day that the snow snowed out school to run around outside in a skirt and a blouse! Her parents were killed in a car crash, so she stays out of a car, and doesn't care whether she has to walk somewhere, or hop into a train. Poor, freezing bad guys don't know the meaning of the words "ICE COME FORTH!", wait, poor? I CAN'T BELIEVE I SAID THAT! HAHAHahahaha.....

Sparkling Storm

This is the only other girl that yells out more than three words (besides the leaders). "STORM'S WRATH COME FORTH!" Let's just call that a cue to run like mad if you're the one in her way, but of course, no bad guy knows to run, until it's too late, and Etrnl Celestial * Eternally already killed 'em off! Her light black pony-tail and greyish-black eyes will engulf the bad guys into a swirling storm!

Prince (+) Earth

Blonde hair, blue eyes, and a magnet to girls. This guy's got it all! Intelligence, looks, and ability. He's the prince of the past who came back for his true love, Etrnl Celestial * Eternally, or Princess Celestial Universe! They make the perfect match, and are the best couple throughout the entire volumes. All the bad guys are always trying to break them up though. WHO'D WANNA DO THAT?!

And last but not least in the first volume of the Sparkling Warriors, Sparkling ~*~.

The eight-year-old child of Etrnl Celestial * Eternally, Sparkling ~*~ and Prince (+) Earth, is trying to be just like her mom. This girl looks almost exactly like her mom, except she's all pink! Pink hair, pink eyes, the only thing not pink on her is her skin! She's a quick learner, but a bit gullible, which gets her into trouble sometimes. But her mom sent her to the past to learn a bit from, well, her mom in the past, Etrnl Celestial * Eternally. Just don't get this girl too upset, or she'll give you a ~*~ you'll never forget!

Well, this about sums up the first volume of Etrnl Celestial * Eternally. There'll be more Sparkling Warriors, more action and more romance in the other volumes, but first, let's just finish this one!




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