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What's New This Week

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What's New This Week
Mail comes to Whyville!!

Whyville is a place full of exciting happenings. Starting this week, each and every Whyville citizen will have a personal message center, so that we can all improve communication with our Whyville friends!

Now, when you go to the Gallery of Faces and you see a friend whom you want to say hello to, or just someone with such an outrageous face that you simply must let them have a piece of your mind, click on that face in the Gallery and your messaging tool will open up.

Your Whyville "messenger" is also on top of the bus rack, next to your satchel. Click on it, and the rest should be pretty easy to figure out. If you have trouble, check out Bigfoot Bill's report on this newest feature of Whyville.

Just in from City Hall: the votes have been counted and we have finalists for Whyville's first Face-Off. Are you one of the chosen few? Find out by reading the special report from Marty Buildenhammer.


This week's groovy new thing:
your very own message center


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