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Good Citizen Award: Andy109

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A big congratulations to Andy109, the winner of Whyville's latest Good Citizen award!

In all aspects of his citizenship, Andy109 has been an exemplary Whyvillian. Citizens and City Workers alike know his name, and all respect him. He is one of our leading Y-mail Helpers, spending a great deal of time in the Newbie Center long before the Newbie Hour was instituted. Dozens and dozens of Whyvillians owe at least part of their success in our community to him.

Andy109 was a successful team leader on the Solstice Safari as early as the fall of 2000, when he led the "Blue Lightning" to a second-place finish. Take a look at this classic photo interview in the Times archives.

(Editor's Note: Yes, I believe that is Andy109 in the then-stylish, almost all-Akbar-made face. That is indeed the kind of look Whyvillians chose to wear back in 2000!)

To show how much of a veteran Andy109 is, check this out -- he was nominated to be Prom King at Whyville's first-ever prom. That story is only the 175th article ever published in the Times, too!

Speaking of the Times, Andy109 has written a number of articles for our paper, starting in November 2000 with Cheaters Play Smart Cars. He went on to explore password safety and apartment rentals, rocketry and the GeoDig, all the while keeping focused on the Whyville community and the exploration of science through Whyville's games. His last two pieces showed his dedication to being a Y-mail Helper: Y-Mail Helper FAQ and The Guide To Whyville: Part 1

Today, Andy109 earns an awesome 125 clams a day and rents space in a house owned by cole3e at Ave E & 6th St in New Town 2. He has been a citizen since April 7, 2000, making him a five-year veteran as of last month. WOW!

His greatest accomplishments have been as Y-mail Helper, a post he's held for looong time, though he says he joined Whyville when he was only 10 years old. That's pretty young to be getting into such an important position, but Andy109 has shown a lot of maturity and helpfulness over the years. What a Whyvillian!

Congratulations, Andy109, and thank you!

The Good Citizen award was created based on the urging of then-Senator OrEoBaBy and many other citizens. Thanks to all our Senators and Whyvillians for supporting this uplifting acknowledgement of Whyville's MANY great citizens!

The goal of this "Good Citizen" award is to focus on the greatness of our many citizens. Instead of reading reports about those occasional citizens who break the rules, or who don't know about them, let's talk about the good that people do!

We at City Hall believe it is important to celebrate the citizens who exemplify the Whyville Way.

City Workers, Y-mail Helpers and Senators can all make nominations for the next Good Citizen. Senators are especially key, since they are supposed to be our eyes and ears into the community.

Winners of the award will get a non-expiring face part medal.

What does it take to "exemplify" the Whyville Way? Respecting Whyville's rules; helping others, eagerness to explore, learn, communicate, create; protecting Whyville's safety; all these and more are what the Whyville Way is all about.

Is it what you're about? :-)


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