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Eating Disorders

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Eating Disorders
Anorexia, Bulimia, and Obesity

by Vanilla
    Times Writer
I'm sure most people who saw this title ignored this article, and went to the next. That's okay. I don't care. This article is not supposed to be boring.

For those of you who clicked on my article heading and continued reading, thank-you. You are doing yourself a great service. This article is one that I consider special. It includes facts, and even one of my own experiences. So, please, give my article a try. You might find it interesting, and I hope it makes you more aware of the Deadly Three: Anorexia, Bulimia, and Obesity.

I believe this is a very important issue to touch on, since it affects basically everybody on Whyville. Teenagers 14-17 are most affected by these eating disorders, and for some reason, scientists can't figure out exactly why people have these illnesses. They are confusing, scary, and very real.

First is Anorexia, formally known as Anorexia Nervosa: 'nervous loss of hunger illness'. Anorexia is severe revulsion towards eating that results in extreme thinness and sometimes death from self-inflicted starvation. In other words, starving yourself.

I think the concept is stupid. Not doing something as simple as eating. I always thought if you wanted to eat, go on a diet of healthy foods, not starve yourself. I'm sure that's what everyone thinks. However, peers, family, magazine covers, and so much more can alter your thinking.

Here's this: 10-15 percent of anorexics die. Do you understand that?! Thousands die from NOT eating! I, personally, think it's ridiculous. You are really doing something selfish, because you are hurting others around you.

Being anorexic causes you to be severely malnourished, and your body shuts down. You become tired all the time, and your eyes sink in. You loose hair on your head, but you grow it all over everywhere else. You look skeletal, and your body starts wasting away. Then, if you do decide to eat, you throw it all back up. You must be fed through a tube, and in severe cases, be on life support. You might also be in rehab for several years staring at pictures of food all day. Scary, isn't it?

On the other hand, there is bulimia. This concept is somewhat the same. Bulimic people binge on a bunch food, then go to the toilet and throw it back up. It's disgusting. Many teenagers start by sticking their fingers down their throats to make themselves regurgitate, then eventually do it naturally.

Here's a good fact for ya: bulimic persons only, uh, toss back up half of the food that they've eaten, so they really aren't loosing that much weight.

If you're bulimic, your throat and stomach will become stretched and burned from the stomach acids that get thrown around when the food comes back up. Your teeth can get damaged severely. In the end, the consequences of bulimia are no different from anorexia. This disorder is often more repulsive and disgusting, but it's no better or worse than Anorexia. Who would ever think you would make such a difficult situation as such an easy thing as eating?

Lastly is obesity. Now, this is quite different from the previous two eating disorders we have reviewed. Obesity may be an emotionally triggered disorder, and you certainly do NOT lose weight. If you are obese, you gorge on food and you usually sleep it off. You don't throw it back up, it just sits there. You eat X-Large of everything, and don't do enough to get rid of it. You become severely overweight.

Obesity is becoming more common in younger kids, who are fed too much, and can't help their weight. Their parents are a factor in that. However, some teenagers find solitude in eating. Or, when they are bored they eat a sugary snack.

As you can tell, I spoke mainly on anorexia. This is only because I have dealt with this disorder myself. I was recently anorexic. My reason was very stupid, and I regret what I did now. I did it for attention from my friends. I wanted more people to notice me. Little did I know, I had more friends than I thought I had.

I stopped eating all together. It started out as a joke, then it got worse. Friends were telling me I looked sick and tired all the time, and they were really worried about me. I was just feeding off all of the attention and worries.

I successfully defeated anorexia, and I hope that no Whyvillian ever has to go through what I did. It's a terrible emotional disorder and it deteriorates your mind, body, and soul. All I ask is that you never put yourself through this kind of pain. Love yourself for who you are; you are special to so many people. If you absolutely think you need to lose weight, starving yourself isn't the way to go. Eat a healthy diet, and don't ever skip meals.

Thank you for staying with me and reading this article for those of you who did. I hope my article taught you something, and educated you in the dangers of eating disorders. Thanks again, and have a nice day. Also, feel free to write me with any questions, comments, or concerns about this article.

Your Devoted Reporter,




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