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Welcome to the Times' Triple Issue!

Yes, it looks a little thin for a triple issue... that's because I'll be adding a few more articles plus the top 3 platforms a little later.

Why a triple issue? I'm getting married! Yup, married in real life, in a groovy Hindu ceremony, and that means I'll be out of town for the next couple weeks. City Workers Bigfoot, cyranojoe and MediaWiz will "attend" the event with me, so you won't be seeing them around, either.

When I get back, I'd love to see a bunch of submissions about weddings -- the real life stuff, if you don't mind. A multicultural approach will be especially appreciated. :-)

Okay, I have a lot more to write about, but that will come out a little later. For now, I just want you all to get to read the many great articles we've already got ready for you.

Times Editor

UPDATED As you know by now, the first Whyville Senate Primary ended this weekend. You citizens chose Firch, HAPHBAKED and bart16794 as the top candidates for the Senate Race -- you can see their original platforms in this week's Times. Those platforms may be updated next week, if the candidates choose to send in their edited versions.

By the way, the Primary was closed a little early due to scheduling constraints, but it turns out we had just about as many votes as usual. Virtually all the votes we have in an election are cast in the first few days. Becuase of this, City Hall says they plan on shortening the overall Senate Race. This should be a good thing. :)

In other, older Senate news, sk87 was inaugurated on May 8. Outgoing Senator hotboi764 and City Worker scyllaCat attended the event. Hotboi764 asked scylla and City Hall if it was possible for the former Senators to have a "retirement wreath" or some other sort of face part signifying their work for our community. The City Workers are discussing it right now. (I heard a whisper that the part will probably turn out to be an aged leaf from their old Senatorial wreath! :)

Helper of the Month! Yes, go over to the Newbie Center and you'll see a picture of the most helpful helper in Whyville. This person spends the most time at the Help Desk in the Center, answering questions and giving out advice. (Don't worry, we check to make sure they are indeed talking, and talking to our newer citizens more than the older ones!)

Speaking of our newest Whyvillians, anytime someone asks you the "same old, same old" kind of question that you hear every day, send 'em over to the bus menu. There's now a link to "* Newbie Help", where you can learn all sorts of things about how to get along in Whyville. And if you happen to go by there yourself, let us know if there's any other info that really needs to be there.

I'm curious, what would get you folks more excited about the Challenge Hour? I've only seen a few submissions reporting on them. What do you think would change that? Do they need to be advertised better? Do you need more clams to want to go? Change the time of the event? Let us know!

Take a peek at the calendar over the coming weeks -- you might notice something. Whenever an official event is happening in Whyville, its calendar icon will blink! Actually, that's been true for several weeks now, but City Workers just cranked up the blinking speed, so it should be a lot more obvious now. :-)

I feel like I was supposed to write about a lot more stuff... can't think of it right now, though. Maybe I'm distracted or something.

And, I'm off... just a few more hours 'til I fly out to my wedding. And for your information (since I see it was of some controversy in the BBS), I am a he! My bride-to-be almost volunteered to work for Whyville in its very early goings, in fact, and she was the inspiration for one of our lesser-known City Workers. Can you guess who?? ;-)

Times Editor!
That's me!


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