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Onyxavia's Furniture Frenzy

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The Etrnl * Fridge? The Etrnl * Table? What in the world is Etrnl *?

What about that Dresser for her? Or the Dresser for him? Who made those?

Who suggested the idea for the beach? Who suggested the ability to open someone's own store to make face parts? Or a people map?

A long while ago, I was part of the Whyville community. A very active part. Of course, I was also very young back then (I believe I was still in elementary school), and I ended up losing my password in an attempt to advertise my face part store. Wow, that was a really long time ago.

I had a long line of clothing. I was active in the newspaper with my "Last Frontier" series and the Why-Files. (OK, yeah, it was an odd idea, but at the time I was excited to get published.) I even sat down and designed several types of furniture for the new houses. And I was only nine years old.

I was Etrnl *.

Of course, I know, I can't prove who I was. Not all at once in an article. But in attempt to show you I really was Etrnl *, I am going to display some new furniture concepts I've come up with while thinking about Whyville a few weeks back.

Behold, it is a blue lamp! I could change the colors to please any person. Perhaps pink, you wish?

Behold, it is pink!

I've sketched out some other ideas on paper. Perhaps natural lighting would be the way to go. How about windows? Or maybe even doors? Putting animals in your home sleeping or playing? Full-length mirrors? Well, things just got more complicated from there.

I know that just one little example won't prove that I am who I propose, but I do want to become a part of Whyville again and return to my graphic thrills, especially now that I'm passing out of the public school system. Wow, has it really been that long?

Maybe it doesn't matter if I was Etrnl * then. Maybe all that matters is who I am now.

So, I would like to hear from the Whyville community. That's right, you, the reader. What kind of furniture would you like to see added to your home? Speak and your requests will be heard! I will design, and maybe City Hall will again accept my submissions and create new furniture for us all.


The former Etrnl *

Editor's Note: Nice to see another veteran Whyvillian sharing her fond memories of "the good old days"! For those of you wondering, yes, we are pretty certain this is indeed the original Etrnl *, based on specific information she shared with us that only she should know. As for the furniture, City Hall makes no promises to take submitted designs and make them into new parts, but you can give it a shot. Perhaps if a Senate candidate takes up the idea, and enough people vote for that idea, CH and the Workers will take it especially seriously.


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