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A Cool Petition

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A Cool Petition

by Dexter
    Guest Writer
Guys. Dexter here!

I just wanted to tell you about this really cool petition that I saw. This guy named Jayp had an awesome idea for a mall (if you want to learn more about it, you'll have to go to the voting booth and read it yourself!) so I voted for it.

It only had about 10 votes then. By the next day it already had around 70 votes. When I saw that, I was quite shocked. By the 3rd day it had passed 100 votes and was in 1st place. Imagine that, 1st out of hundreds!

That's when I started noticing that other people had started writing petitions suggesting the same thing. I believe that there's over 10 of them! When was the last time you heard of 1 petition suggesting another petition? This one had over 10! Anyways, it has a little over 100 votes with around 5 days left. If you want this awesome mall it needs 150 votes. We're so close!

Here are the instructions for voting for it. Go to City Hall. Once you're inside, go to the voting booth. Once you're inside the voting booth, click on the petitions clipboard hanging on the wall. Once you click on that and you see the long list of petitions, press the 'Sort in Order of Signatures' button. Then in first place is Jayp's mall petition! It is called "Please Read!!! Awesome Idea for a Mall!!!!!!"

So anyway, thank you for reading this article. Make sure you vote for the petition! You don't want to let down everyone else that wanted this mall, do you? I didn't think so. Thank you and good-bye!




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