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Your Address Book

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The only way to send y-mail or deliver ClamGrams or even visit your friend's house is if your friend is in your Address Book. Our newest citizens are surely asking, how can I add a friend?

Your first step is to go to City Records. You can either get to it from City Hall, or choosing it from the Destination Menu on the bus. City Records has a list of information about every single member on Whyville. In the Records, you can check out someone's salary to see if they're scamming you when they say they make 300 clams a day.

Once you enter, you'll see a form reading:
"Enter a username in the field below to see more detail about that citizen."

Type in the full Whyville name of your friend and click search.

You'll find all sorts of information about that person, from their gender to if they have any special jobs on Whyville. ScyllaCat, as you can see, is a City Worker. You can even tell when they first joined Whyville!

Click on your friend to go to a place where you can Y-Mail them.

What's special about this page is the little box that says, "Add recipient to address book."

To put your friend in your Address Book:

1. Put a checkmark in the little box.
2. Write a nice letter to your friend!
3. Click SEND at the bottom of the page.

(Technically, you don't have to write a letter, just click the box and click SEND, but hey, it's nice!)

Your friend will now be added to your Address Book!

Now that you've done that, click on the walkie-talkie/cell phone on top of your bus. This will take you to your Y-Mail Mailbox. Click on Address Book up at the top. From there, you can click on a person's name to be taken to a special safety tools place.

If someone on Whyville is bothering you, you can permanently silence or vaporize someone by putting checkmarks in these little boxes. If you have a Why-Pass, you can also use the Friend Finder here!

Now you can go use the ClamGram tool, the Taxi... you can even go to Akbar's to give items to your friends. But as I explained, you can also add people to your address book who are bothering you, in order to silence or vaporize them.

Have fun Y-Mailing your friends! :D



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