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Save the Clams!

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I have been saving up my clams for a while now. After being scammed a while ago, I sat down and figured out a plan to help myself save up a lot of clams.

This plan can also be used to save your real-life money. Trust me, in a while your clams (or money) will grow.

STEP 1: Earning your salary (or allowance)
Play some games, or if you want to save money, do some chores, babysit, mow lawns... there is a lot out there you can do. In Whyville, you can sell old parts away, or come up with more creative things you can do for your fellow Whyvillians. The more you earn, the richer you will get!

STEP 2: Figuring out your plan
Okay. I made some charts you should follow for varying salaries. If you do as planned, your money will grow, every day.

If you earn 10 clams/day, try to save at least 5 clams/day.
20 clams/day: Save around 5-10 clams/day.
30 clams/day: Save about 10-15 clams/day.
40 clams/day: Save around 15-20 clams/day.
50 clams/day: Save around 20-25 clams/day.
60 clams/day: Save around 25-30 clams/day.
70 clams/day: Save around 35-40 clams/day.
80 clams/day: Save around 45-50 clams/day.
90 clams/day: Save around 50-65 clams/day.
100 clams/day: Save around 65-70 clams/day.
110 clams/day: Save around 70-75 clams/day.
120 clams/day: Save around 80-85 clams/day.

As you save, your account will slowly grow. (Naturally, if you don't earn these exact amounts, just round off.)

Notice that if you follow these guidelines, you are saving about half of your salary, and more if you're earning a lot of clams. Saving about half of what you earn will help you buy top-quality face parts you've been dying to have pretty quickly. It'll also help you finally get into Club Why or pay for the fee to enter the Senate Primary. You'd be amazed how much money you'll have after a week or two.

Use this same approach for a regular, real-life allowance, too, or any gift of money you might recieve. It helps a lot. If you do this most of your life and leave those savings alone, your account will surely grow.

Just helping out!


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