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Back to the Future... I Mean Past!

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We've all seen movies, read books and fantasized about going back in time, but I bet we never thought it was possible. Me neither, until I became a proud member of the cyberworld we like to call Whyville.

I was just hanging around the Spin Speak as I usually do, when someone asked me this:

Him: Do you want to travel back into Whyville's past?
Me: Of course! But that's impossible!
Him: *evil laugh* That's what you think!
Me: Oh, really?
Him: Yeah, all you have to do is type this ... in the address bar.

He typed out a URL for a webpage I hadn't seen before.

I thought, why not give it a shot? What if I could really travel in time??

My hands sweating with excitement, I deleted what was in my address bar, typed in the secret code the strange Whyvillians had given me, and... BAM!

Mystery man wasn't lying! I ended up in Whyville's Prom Photo Booth of 2002.

That's when I started exploring... I even stumbled my way into the New Year's Eve Party of 2004. Oh yeah? You don't believe me? *humph* I have proof!

That's all! I hope you enjoyed one of my exciting adventures here on Whyville.

This is iluvac1, signing off...


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