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Guide to Middle School Graduation

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Summer lies ahead of us. For many of us, this means a new school, new friends, new opportunities and a graduation. Many of Whyville's citizens will be graduating from grade 8 or 9, and heading to a new school -- a high school!

One very special day is awaiting us. Soon, we will be on a new road! We will head in different directions, take risks, meet new people -- some friends, some enemies.

We will be making our own decisions and trying new things. It'll be hard to say goodbye, but ahead is another journey.

Are you ready for the big day? Maybe... or maybe not.

Well, that's where I step in. I'm here to guide you on your big day to shine -- your graduation:

STEP 1: Wake up on the right side of the bed. Have a nice big breakfast, and be happy.

STEP 2: You want to be organized. That way, you won't be rushing around at the last minute trying to get ready. Lay out your suit or dress
clothes (dress, shoes, accessories) and pack your camera, money, etc in your wallet, bag or purse ahead of time.

STEP 3: Relax. Don't be nervous. Try not to think about falling on stage as you go up to get an award. It doesn't help if you're worried about
embarrassing yourself. You must have self confidence.

STEP 4: This one's more for the ladies, though guys can also take care of these things, too. Do your hair, makeup, nails and toenails during the day, NOT WHEN YOU'RE WALKING OUT THE DOOR. Stay on the clock's good side.

STEP 5: Arrive at the ceremony at least 10 minutes early. That way you won't have to worry about being late. It always good to show up early... which is so much better than showing up after everything's started!

STEP 6: Enjoy yourself. The reason you're having a graduation ceremony and party is to have fun and feel proud!

STEP 7: Smile and say to yourself, "I really did it!" Because you did!

You're now off on a new chapter in your life. Congratulations!



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