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WhyPox Got You Down?

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They're here!!! Those nasty, red, zit-looking things all over our beautiful Whyvillian faces. And the sneezing!!! Interupting our conversations and making us feel all sickly and high fevered.

There's only one name to suit this rare disease... WhyPox!

What can you do about this illness? The answer is quite simple. In the past, nothing. The WhyPox have to run their course just like a regular cold. But the good news is, they will be gone in about five or six days.

According to City Worker mark, we can use the brand new WhyPox vaccine to prevent the Pox, but no one knows exactly how effective this medicine is, and whether it helps once you have the Pox.

So, what to do during those five or six days? There's many things you can do! First and foremost, head over to the CDC (the Whyville Centre for Disease Control). There, you can learn as much as you can about diseases. At the centre, you learn how diseases are spread and you can contribute to the case files to help the people at Outbreak Headquarters.

If you contribute a lot to the CDC, you can be awarded with clams for all your help!

After you've learned a lot about diseases (and maybe got a salary raise), you may find you still can't take the ugly redness of the pox. There's a couple more things you can do...

a) Totally drop out of the Whyville social crowd and miss all of the great things going on...

b) Buy a fancy mask to cover your face... that may cost a lot and still may look ugly, or...

c) Keep learning about this disease and still be apart of the social crowd. Everyone in Whyville will eventually get the disease; if they don't have it now, they just haven't caught it yet, or, more likely, they already had it once.

Remember, Whyville is all about learning, and this is what the WhyPox is all about -- it's another chance to learn!

Have fun, and keep learning! :)


P.S. If you see anyone being teased or harassed about their pox, please help them out. It's not fair that they be harassed when they actually caught the disease from someone else.


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