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It was a normal day and I decided to check my whymail. I logged in, clicked all the right buttons, and there was a whymail saying "Thankyou."

Interesting. What was I being thanked for?

I opened the message to find out that I had apparently won the "nicest whyville person award." Wow! And on top of that, I had a chance to win 3,000 clams.

What a great fortune! But wait, what's this? I had to give the person my password?

Immediately, I reported the message. That, my friends, is obviously a scam.

The message went something like this:

"You have been chosen for this award.You have been selected for being the nicest person on y-ville. You have a chance to win 3000 clams but in order for this to happen you must send us your password to make sure your not an imposter.(fake)
Your ceremony will be held in city hall on March, 18, 05.

thank you for your cooperation we are very proud of you.

p.s Normally Whyville Staff would already have your password, but theres a faulty next to your name.
Thankyou, and your picture will appear in next week's Why Times, the elaborate Whyville newspaper.

Also you will have a ceremony, on the date we schedualed.

Also Scallycat will inform you if the place or date you are schedualed to recieve the prize is changed.

why king
why queen
why helper
and why staff"

There are so many things wrong with this mail, starting with the fact that they're asking for your password. City Workers will never, EVER ask for your password, no matter what. Anyone asking for your password can and should be 911-reported.

Then there's the grammar -- that letter is written sooo badly, and we all know that City Workers are adults who can write better than that. LoL.

There's also the little things -- they called City Worker scyllaCat "Scallycat", and they talked about the "Whyville Staff", but it's always the City Workers or City Hall. Oh, and pretty much all the official events happen in the Greek Theater, not at City Hall.

Thanks for reading this. Share it with your friends!

And always remember, never give out your password, even to your best friend.



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