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Winners of 'Name That CW'

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You Whyvillians really worked at solving my "Name That City Worker" game. I had over 100 Y-mails to sort through! (Boy, that was annoying, LoL!)

Most of our participants got the answers right. I only had 2 or 3 people get them wrong, in fact.

But we can only have a few winners, and here they are: The first four people to send in the answers!

1. Dartanian
2. pnik
3. Andrea96
4. Daryl00

Those were the winners of the clams. Here are all the winners in all (in order):

Dartanian, pnik, andrea96, daryl00, catevil, RainDream, chikki999, artista, cobd, XxKarrixX, shoker88, Vancyon, connor900, arwen91, danny2112, SnowgrI13, flames7, madfin, alig2444, rebok, zimmer12, kaybob2, lovelyisu, hot4u95 and gazzie37.

Man! That's a lot of Whyvillians. This is only the first day's worth of winners, too. Who knows how many I would have if I did a whole week's worth of Y-mails!

On another message, there was a mistake. Number One was supposed to be superid (as you could see by the clue), but his picture came out as City Worker Mark. Sorry for the chaos. I took both answers as correct.

I'm sorry, but I have to go feed my cat now.

Why can't he open the tuna can himself?!

This is ps2man1, feeding his cat.


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