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Biddygurl's Kelcie Army

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Dear Whyville,

Recently, I received a Y-Mail from a senator candidate and friend. She asked me to publish something for her in the Whyville Times.

(Editor's Note: Since this email did not come from Biddygurl herself, we at the Times do not guarantee the letter that follows was indeed written by her. Check the BBS below to see if Biddygurl has posted, telling us this is true. She should post from the Biddygurl account; don't trust it otherwise.)

The Y-mail I received reads as follows:

"Dear citizens of Whyville,

I know you must have all realized I'm a HUMONGOUS cheater, and I have lost a majority of my voters because of it. But before you stop reading this, you must know I had a reason for my cheating.

An experiment. I wanted to prove that everyone who gets lots of votes is a cheater. And that even though the accounts behind it might not be obvious, a majority of the accounts are from the same select few people.

See, what some of you may not realize, is that when running for senator, you have "people", these "people" are known to have a LOT of accounts registered and if you have them on your side, you're in really good shape. Well, I wanted to prove that cheaters DO prosper, in fact, cheaters almost always win in situations like this.

But to do this I had to be an OBVIOUS cheater, beyond having like 10 accounts with the same name, I needed a HUGE amount of obvious accounts for me to cheat with.

This is where "Kelcie" and her army came into play. She actually is my friend, and wasn't told of my experiment, although I probably should have.

Another mistake I made was not telling my friends about it. One friend and I got into a huge fight about it and we both ended up very upset. Others of my friends turned on me, and so did the voters.

I still made my point, that no one can get a lot of votes without cheating, but I also lost some friends along the way... and I still want to run, if I can be given that chance, and if you, the public of Whyville will support me, but if not, then it is entirely your choice.

And FINALLY (as of May 20) I have received a mail from City Hall telling me that they are changing the rules for platform stuffing, so maybe my little experiment is making a difference. Who knows?


Now, as she expressed to me, Biddygurl is very sorry for the trouble she had caused amongst the public. I feel we should remember come voting time that Biddygurl did not cheat to cheat, but in order to prove a point. She believed that the Senate Race needed to be revised. And now, since the City Workers have announced they will check IP addresses of the votes, maybe she really DID make a point with her "senate race scandal" after all.

This is PixiBritt, signing off.

Editor's Note: Thank you for sharing what appears to be Biddygurl's explanation for the "army of Kelcies" -- several dozen signatures under her platform, all based on the name "kelcie."

Perhaps I should let you all know, City Hall always checked IP addresses, and threw out those votes that appeared to be excessive from a single IP. I do not know if CH has decided to change the rules and be even more strict with the IP addresses, but she has decided to make sure everybody knows that yes, CITY HALL IS WATCHING. :-)

So follow the Whyville Way! Be fair, open and honest in your pursuit of the best Whyville has to offer!


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