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What D'You Think of Whyville?

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Have you ever wondered if you feel the same way about Whyville that others do? Well, I have. I decided to interview some people at random to see if they feel like I do. I got some really unique replies.

You can conduct this interview, too. All you need to do is come up with some questions like "What do you think of Whyville?" and "What makes you feel this way?" or "What would you change or improve about Whyville?"

I started by interviewing my close friend, jaguars.

Kellee20: What do you think about Whyville?

Jaguars: I think Whyville is a great place for teens to hang out. I would change it by putting even more educational games on.

I totally agree. I think that the internet is a great place to learn!!

Next, I interviewed a complete 'stranger', someone that I had never met. She goes by the name of Misty5020.

Kellee20: What do you think about Whyville?

Misty5202: I think it is a great place, but I think that everyone should be nicer to Newbies. Everyone is so mean to them. You can see 'Oldbies' throwing projectiles at them too often.

Kellee20: Why do you think they do this?

Misty5202: I think they do this because of the way they look when they first join.

Now let's take some time to find out what you think being an 'Oldbie' means to you. I think an Oldbie should be a nice person. I think someone should set regulations for what it takes to be an Oldbie, like what it takes to be a Y-mail helper, except it would not matter how many clams you make a day.

To be an Oldbie, I propose something like the following:

· Must be a citizen for the last year.
· Must have only gotten like 10 warnings at the most.
· Must be a good citizen.
· Must use the call box wisely.

That is just an idea for those who might like to start a petition, or even put it in a Senate platform. LoL!

Now, I interviewed a girl by the name of angel5510.

Kellee20: What do you think about Whyville?

Angel5510: I think it is really neat and fun; most people are really nice.

Kellee20: What would you change or improve in Whyville?

Angel5510: I would make it a better place by making people not have the ability to talk badly to people. It hurts others' feelings. I would also make it better by giving us full bodies!

That is so touching to me! This is not a joke, either!!

Perhaps you got the idea that I wrote this article entirely on the question of 'What do you think of Whyville?' Well, I sorry I gave you this half-right idea.

I also wrote this article to tell you that Whyville is in danger! Yes, this may be hard to believe, but it is true!! There are too many citizens of this town who are taking advantage of those who trust and give to people.

WE NEED TO RISE!!! This town is just like Earth in odd ways. It is in the mist of disappearing. We citizens are not taking responsibility for our community. We can do better!

It is just like some people say: You don't know how important something is until you lose it.

One way you can work to save Whyville is by joining the clubs I have formed: B.W.P. (Ban Whyville Predators) and B.W.S. (Ban Whyville Scammers). If you would like to join, please Y-mail me at kellee20.


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