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Labeling in Whyville

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Haven't you noticed that some of our newest citizens get called stuff like noob, newb and newbie? Those words don't have to be cruel, but the people saying them mean it that way.

Don't you remember when you where a newbie and you didn't have good face parts or a good salary? I sure do -- I remember the days when I was still new on Whyville. Almost every day, I played some games and went to Grandma to get some face parts.

I was happy with my face and with the 20 clams I made a day. But I still got teased.

Don't you remember that day, too, the day when you were teased even though you'd worked hard? And how many of you got help earning your salary, whether from a friend or by using a cheat site?

I'm not an expert but I'm not an Oldbie yet. (I'm almost at my one-year birthday here on Whyville -- I get there in July.)

I did some research on how some Whyvillians get labled and the results are shocking, like in these photos I took and the graphic I made.


Maybe we should stop this labeling. Do you donate to Grandma? How much? We have hundreds of new people come to Whyville every day. Donating is a good way to show your support for Whyvillians that have just started out.

Take me, for example: I donate three times a week, and it makes me happy. Try donating -- it feels good!

Anyhow, I am making an organization to help newbies called Remember. Remember is a group of Whyvillians that help newbies and help to stop labeling. I pray that Whyville will publish my article to pass this message to all.

Remember holds meetings every Monday at 3:00 p.m. Whyville Time at the Mall (inside, where the fountain is). This help circle is free to join -- just Why-Mail me. You could also contact shpiroth, the co-founder of Remember. I hope that our group will help us all. Please enjoy the pictures I took!

This is Kemario, going to the donation center


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