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Who are you now, hazel?

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Her name was hazel
And she traveled
And fought
For a lost cause
That she dreamt to win
But never did
And I
Follow in her footsteps
In hope of concurring
What she could not.

She tried to escape
But was forgotten
And wilted away
Without us.

When I found her
Her eyes were
Full of hope
And she seemed content
Not weary
As if everything were fine.

And maybe it was
And maybe it wasn't
And maybe she had found
A way out
That could save us all.

But I'll never know
My poor hazel
What made you this way
And why do you drift
Away from us
So ever slowly
I know you are still here
But your mind is gone.

Your heart is still with us
And so is your body
But your mind
Oh your mind
Is gone
And I don't know
Where it is
And I don't know
What you found out
And I don't know how to help you
Oh hazel,
Where have you gone?

I keep on walking without you
But I don't know where
I'm going
I have no idea
And I've never been here
And my heart is beating
But at least I have a heart
And hazel,
Where have you gone?
I cannot reach you
You're so far off
And you don't understand me
And you don't know who I am
You just smile and
Look the other way
Like you're scared
And you're hiding from me,
What have I done
And what did they do to you
And who is they
And why do you say you're lonely
When I'm right here
Talking to you
And who are you waiting for
Because you look out the window
And I know you must
Be waiting for something
And you moan
'come back to me'
Staring at the wall

Well, hazel,
Come back to me
Because this
Is where you belong.

Oh please, hazel,
Oh please.

But you can just
Lay down for a while
And I'll carry out the mission
That you tried so hard at
And now I've lost you
Because you don't care anymore
And that's the hardest part, hazel.
I don't understand.

We've lost you, hazel
You just have
That happy look on your face
But it doesn't seem real
Because it's always there
And it scares me, hazel,
Because you aren't
Who you used to be.

You used to be amazing.

And now you're
Just there.

You're not anything, hazel,
But you were
And why did you have to change
And who did it
And who hurt you
And why won't you tell me anything, hazel,
Why do you look right through me
And ignore me
And why don't you care anymore, hazel?
Why don't you care?

Because your caring
Is what kept you alive
For so long
And now you'll die like this, hazel,
You'll die
All acting funny
With that horrid look on your face
The happy look
That's always there
And it's not because
You're an optimist
It's because
You don't care about
Your friends
The ones who stood by you
And how they tried
To save you, hazel
And failed
And now they're
Just like you
They don't care
And they always look out the window
Just like you do, hazel.
What are you waiting for!?
Help me to understand, hazel,
Because I don't right now
And I want you to be happy
And not that fake happy you are now
I want you to be able to worry
And cry
And mourn
Bring back determination
And know that you're alive.

Those moments
When you are happy
It will be the real happy
And I can be happy with you
Because right now
I can't
And look at me, hazel,
Because I want you to listen
And stop just pretending
Actually hear me
And process what I'm saying
Because it will really help,
It really will.


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