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Many Phases, Each Unique... My Purple Moods

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Many Phases, Each Unique... My Purple Moods

by Britmaria
    Whyville Poet

DoN'T eVeR jUdGe Me!

DON'T EVER judge me... i am superior, and i know it, but so?

DON'T EVER look at me that way... u r all anuses lost in mindless mumble-jumble of your petty lives.

HAHAHA! i am without a doubt the most popular person in whyville -- but u all know that, i need not make that public.

but i am kind, and giving -- a generous person, deep down inside a heart of candy. my heart is passionate and purple. but that is VERY Deep inside of me... search long, search hard, u will find me... the TRUE ME!

my favorite color is purple... it is angry and passionate. it is romantic and deep, and full of life!purple, purple, purple... sometimes I dream purple dreams...

anus -- i called u that? i am sorry my mouth runs away with me... i feel scarred inside, i am sorry if you felt hurt.

sorry for that negativity, now some positive enlightenment: every one should be happy, VERY happy. i am always happy... always. i am SO HAPPY!!!!!! REJOICE!!!!!! BE HAPPY WITH ME!!!!!!!!! LoL i am the kidder, that's wut u all r saying? this is no joke, not to me anyways... laugh if you want you don't know the true me!

my mindless purple moods, my twisting, never-ending, purple moods- confuse, enchant, bewilder. what do they make you think of me?

i luv u all... thanks for listening to me.

Luv, very happy, britmaria.

The End.



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