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Who Will Be Whyville's Best Face?

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Who Will Be Whyville's Best Face?
An update on Whyville's first great Face-Off

by Marty B.
Guest columnist

Since I apparently did such a great job reporting on our building contest and interviewing our champion Sahuboy (see my articles from Sep 16, Sep 23, Oct 7, and Oct 14), the Whyville Times has asked me to cover our current Face-Off! What a compliment, I thought, especially since I'd be the first to admit that when it comes to faces, I'm no pro, as I'm sure you can tell from my face.

But here's my chance to learn something from the very best in Whyville, so I'm happy to do the honors.

There seems to be even more excitement surrounding this Face-Off than our building contest, if you can believe that! We have had many more contenders this time, resulting in 9 finalists going into our final round. Nine!

And they are:

Vote for floyd Vote for Quan Vote for kwijibo
Vote for Sahuboy Vote for Pego Vote for Polygirl
Vote for girl Vote for chansyp Vote for swtiepi42

Now that we can all send messages to one another in Whyville, you can also click on these finalists right here and let them know exactly what you think about their mugs!

Votes will be counted and the winner announced the week after Thanksgiving, so, for this holiday, don't forget to eat your turkey and dont' forget to VOTE!


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