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The Horrible Whyville Blackout

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The Horrible Whyville Blackout

by MonkeyGrl
    Whyville Writer
Once there was a girl who loved going on Whyville. She went on every single day to earn clams, talk to her friends, and play the games. She had soooo much fun on Whyville!

But then one day... something happened. The girl tried to get on Whyville, but it wasn't working! It said that there was no site! The girl thought that they had got rid of Whyville! She was very sad and tried every single day to see if Whyville worked yet. Then one day she went to Whyville and it said that it would be back up in a few days. She was sooo happy and tried all those days to get on.

This girl thinks that the thing that caused the blackout was either all the storms happening at her house making the electricity go out or the aliens turning bad... or maybe both! Maybe the aliens turned bad because they couldn't find their friend, so they caused tons of storms, and that made the electricity go out!!!

Horrible, horrible news.

Finally, one day, the girl went to Whyville and something happened. IT WORKED!!! No more bored, endless days doing nothing online. No more watching 5 hours of T.V. a day. No more doing nothing at all!!!! Now she could go back on Whyville and talk to all her friends that she hadn't talked to for so long! Now she could get back to her online life.




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