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Cool! An Amazon Store in Whyville!

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When I read the Times Editor's article in last week's Times about the Whyville General Store, I thought, "That's a great idea!" We'll be able to get what we need, while helping to fund Whyville. That'll make a better Whyville life for all of us.

Ever wanted to buy that new CD while helping your favorite online world? Well, I haven't really thought about it, but I definitely WOULD love to do that!

As the Times Editor said, Whyville is now an affiliate of Amazon, and can put anything on the site that Amazon has on theirs. Maybe we could have a new bot to run our Amazon store, and put it in the mall? There are unused elavators in the mall -- maybe we could make the second floor the "Amazonian Plaza."

I'm just brainstorming here, but perhaps e could hold monthly events there. Maybe City Hall could tie Amazon purchases to face parts such as Church Boys and Keebles for boys and Work It's and Starstrucks for girls. There could also be a medal for people who buy from the Amazonian Plaza, and it would be untradeable. Or you could get clams or hats like the Why-hats or Whyology hats.

And when I read that we could suggest things to sell in the store and, if they sell, we'll get clams, I was VERY excited!

I can't wait! I'm getting hyper. I'd better go!

With a mind full of thoughts,


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