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Double Your Clams? Don't Fall for It!

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I was at the Trading Post one day, minding my own business, when a citizen came up to me and said:

Citizen: I can double your clams?
Me: Oh please, I am not going to fall for that. That is a scam, you know.
Citizen: Uh, er, *and she ran off*

After this girl left, I lurked around Room One of the Trading Post. There, another citizen came up to me and asked me the same thing. I was shocked.

After a few more hours of observing the behavior around the Post, I came to the conclusion that this was some kind of a fad -- or maybe an infection -- affecting a surprising number of Whyvillians. I decided to investigate further.

To find out more information on this scam, I actually accepted the offer of one of these strange citizens. What would they do to double my clams?

When I asked, the person told me that they would put up two clams in the Trading Post window. I would then put up all of my clams, and at the same time we would hit agree... and voila, my clams would magically double!

She told me if the clams in my account dropped to zero after we did the transfer, it was because Whyville was backed up and that City Hall would be replacing the clams within a couple of days.

I was appalled that someone would try to take such advantage of other citizens. I am thinking that they are specifically targeting the newbies who they think need the clams, or are not yet informed of the scam.

I wrote this article to inform our citizens, and to keep everyone from getting taken advantage of.

Scams and scammers put a damper on Whyville, when we should all be trying to make Whyville the best it can be. If you are having trouble playing the games or earning clams, please Y-mail me and I'll see if I can help you figure out a game to raise your salary. Whyville is not a place for easy and brainless games -- the activities challenge us all to ask why, which is tough sometimes. But please, don't beg for clams, and don't fall for scams.

Well, I'm gonna make like Tom and Cruise... (haha, get it? Tom Cruise!)



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