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WhyPox Outbreak

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As you may have read in my last article, "Possible WhyPox Outbreak", the CDC expected there would be a WhyPox outbreak in the near future. Well, that 'near future' was just around the corner.

The CDC says that this outbreak may be different from other outbreaks. We don't know what other symptoms may come with this horrible disease, but keep an eye out, and make sure you share your observations with your fellow citizens at the CDC!

Already, the newest strain of the Pox has infected over 3,000 citizens. As far as I have seen, the virus has the same symptoms as in the past. But, unfortunately, that may change. Go to the CDC to see the graph of daily increase in the virus.

This virus is so intimidating that citizens have bought scarves and masks to hide the zits. In the pictures shown below, I hid the faces of the infected citizens, for those who might not want to be seen in such a state.

I mentioned this in my last article, but I feel that I need to repeat it since the great breakout. Before the CDC discovered the vaccination, people advised those who had the virus not to change face parts often, because it was believed possible to stir it up. Others suggested deleting the infected person from you address book, to keep from getting the virus.

We haven't figured out the cure for WhyPox. There could be a solution out there in cyberspace, but we might never find it... or maybe we will. Whyville scientists -- you and me, in fact -- are on the job at the CDC!

Although WhyPox is contagious, you can socialize with people with the virus now that we have the vaccine. Please, take precautions.

I hope that we someday find the cure for this horrible virus. As I said, the CDC gives the citizens a chance to help discover it. If you would like to, go to the CDC to get more information and contribute to the research being done to STOP WHYPOX.



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