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The Senate Debate Transcript

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City Hall Welcome to the Senate Debates!
City Hall Our candidates tonight are, in alphabetical order, Bart16794, Firch, and HAPHBAKED.
City Hall Thank you for attending, candidates!
City Hall We will start with a 1 minute opening statement from each candidate.
City Hall We will start with Bart16794
bart16794 Thanks guysFirst i want to say good luck to both of you.
bart16794 Vote for whoever you think is the best!
City Hall Thank you Bart, next up, Firch.
City Hall Opening Statement - Firch
firch Well, Id like to say thanks for all of you who voted for me and good luck to my fellow candidates
City Hall thanks
City Hall Opening Statement - HAPHBAKED
haphbaked Well first of all good luck once again, and I guess I have a reminder.
haphbaked Everyone please remember that senators don't have the power to do whatever they want. We can only make suggestions.
haphbaked However, I will try to suggest any ideas for improvements I have to the city workers as well as other people's ideas.
haphbaked We should get ideas from everyone on how to improve whyville
haphbaked So that it will be in everyone's favor.
haphbaked Vote for your favorite candidate not friend. Thank you
City Hall Now I will ask 3 questions. Each candidate will have 90 seconds to respond.
City Hall In this round, Firch will go first, then HAPHBAKED, then Bart16794
City Hall Question 1: You each of many suggestions in your platform. If you have to pick one to champion, which one? and Why?
firch ^_^ OkI would pick the Whypass one because I think many people want to buy a lifetime whypass and it might give whyville
City Hall You've got the floor HAPHBAKED
haphbaked I think I would probably pick my idea about having the greek theater expanded and having more events there.
haphbaked I think we all know whyville can get a bit dull after several weeks of just chatting.
haphbaked It's also good because you can meet people at these big events and make new friends. I really think that's my favorite
City Hall Thank you HAPHBAKED.
bart16794 I suggest that we have more game rooms and more games to rais your salary thats what i think all the begginers need
bart16794 The new games should explain how to play it a little bit better
bart16794 The new game rooms like maybe pool could have around lets say 10 rooms
City Hall Okay, thank you.
bart16794 So we can take come other rooms from checkers and game room s and make pool
City Hall Thank you candidates. Now for Question #2.
City Hall Question 2: What is the main thing that makes you different than the other 2 candidates?
bart16794 This is a hard one
haphbaked yeah
City Hall The order for this question is: HAPHBAKED, Bart16794, and Firch
firch I think the main thing that makes me more different from the other 2 candidates is that I think I have more ideas for se
firch for server space and money for whyville :D
firch done
haphbaked Well I'm obviously not a girl first off. Also, I think I have some ideas that haven't been said before.
haphbaked As I was saying, I think I have ideas that haven't been used repeatedly before. This includes automating the veteran me
haphbaked veteran medals so we all get them when we turn whatever years old.
haphbaked Also, I want more events while the other candidates want some things removed.
City Hall Next is Bart
bart16794 What makes me differnt from the other 2 canadates is, I take ideas from anyone if i think they are good i will see if i
bart16794 could do anything about it and i also want more game rooms and salary games but the other 2 candidates want the whypasse
haphbaked heh you gotta work on typing :P
bart16794 life time whypasses back.
bart16794 Done.
City Hall Thank you
City Hall Question 3: We have been hearing complaints about the senate election system. What do you think needs to be changed and how?
City Hall The order for this question: Bart, Firch, HAPHBAKED.
bart16794 I think that we should keep having senate debates because it helps whyville out a lot.
bart16794 We get more money and ideas this way on how to improve whyville,
bart16794 i think we shouldent have senate debates so often i think we should have them every 3-4 mounths
bart16794 That way we won;t be over flowed by senators
City Hall Next up Firch
firch I think we should have them less often, and we should also have requirements to make a platform and run for senate
firch Requirements alot like the ymail helper requirements :}
City Hall Next HAPHBAKED
haphbaked may not be suited for such a position. Also, I agree with Firch, we should have more requirements to make sure that the
haphbaked candidates are experienced and know what they're doing in whyville.
haphbaked As I heard, you may now be shortening the amount of days for the primaries. I think this is good because people get
haphbaked tired of campaigning for so long. Also, as I read in the times most votes are cast on the first day.
City Hall Okay. Thank you.
City Hall In this next part of the debate, each candidate asks 1 question to the other 2, who will respond in turn.
City Hall Firch will ask the first question.
firch If you won, how do you plan on getting more server space?
haphbaked Well, I'm not sure what I could do to get MORE server space, but that's why I didn't come up with many ideas that would
haphbaked take up more server space. Also, if it would free up any server space we can always delete the trillions of game pages
bart16794 I plan on getting more space by taking some other game rooms like checkers and some trading post rooms because we don't
bart16794 and we couls take some kalah rooms out too
bart16794 That way we would have more server space
bart16794 Too make other game or chat rooms
bart16794 Done.
City Hall thanks.
City Hall HAPHBAKED asks the next question
haphbaked Which of your ideas do you think is most likely to be attainable, and how would it help whyville?
bart16794 I think that my salary rais would he axepted and be the best one because more begginers wouldent quit and we would have
bart16794 more people buying whypasses from whyville that means more money
bart16794 to fix up the site a bit and get some new stuff
firch I think the donation bin is most possible to get because whyville needs money, and it just might help :D
City Hall Now, Bart16794's turn to ask a qusetion
bart16794 Why do you guys want to be senator and what ideas do you think would realy help whyville?
City Hall Firch will answer first
firch I want to be senator because I believe I can help whyville with some of my ideas..
firch And, I think the whypass and donation bin ideas may help whyville :D
City Hall thank you
haphbaked Like firch said, I'd also like to be senator to help get rid of problems we have. Point out glitches and suggest improv
haphbaked improvements we can make. I would say that having more events and expanding the greek theater would be helpful because
haphbaked trivia hour is when we learn a lot of things and more people can become active in whyville events and learn.
City Hall We will now ask the candidates to make their closing statements. 60 seconds each.
bart16794 First of all
bart16794 try to improve them and forweard it to city hall
bart16794 and see if they accept it
firch Again, thanks to all my supporters and good luck to my fellow candidates, and sorry I messed up at the second question:P
haphbaked Thanks to my supporters, without you I wouldn't be here now. Also, good luck to my fellow candidates.
bart16794 Thanks Jorge, Firch.
haphbaked Let's help whyville improve guys.


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