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Ads, Ads and More Ads...

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Dear Whyvillians,

Today I logged on my "other" account, one that I use as a backup -- that's when I discovered that there were ads on the Welcome Page and the Whymail inbox page. I asked my friends to do the same, using a secondary account to see what was up, and the same results occured on every account that we checked.

Now, don't get me wrong, but I'd like Whyville to be ad free. How does it help us?

Well, let's see. I joined on June 11, 2005, which I believe makes me an oldie, since I've been on for one whole year. When I logged on, I had no ads. This was before we got the first ad on the Welcome Page.

Is it just veterans who have no ads? I've investigated more around and I've taken snaps of the evidence.

First I chose four Whyvillians to research with, friends of mine. As they wish not to be known as B, C and D, they are:

Case A: me
Case B: Loveboy7
Case C: Achiever
Case D: Brayon3

Now for the evidence, muahahaha......

Look at the pictures, they have case A, B, C and D marked on them.

Now not to waste space, I chose to show me (veteran) and my other account, xtwist3dx (newbie).

And before I forget... There is a Whyville Ad bird -- behold!

This is Kemario....
Off to hide from the ads. And the evil bird.

*Hides in Club Why*


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