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Is Your Face in Proportion?

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One marvelous afternoon, I sat perched at my computer, my face glued to the screen, my hand tightly clutching the mouse as I rearranged the lips on my Whyville face so that they were placed perfectly in the way I wanted them.

Finally, after minutes of agonizing deliberation, I fixed them in the exact spot I was hoping for. Without wasting any time, as if I feared a meteor of some kind would come crashing onto my computer before my face was saved, I clicked done. I smiled to myself as I sat back in my chair and admired my now complete, flawless masterpiece.

I could use a life outside of Whyville, huh?

It wasn't until then that I realized something: My face was appallingly unproportional, as are many of the floating heads around Whyville.

In the true spirit of the Whyville Way, I decided to investigate this impression of mine.

Now, I ask you, what better test subject is there than Paul McCartney? (Okay, to be honest, I was listing to The Beatles when I was creating that face of mine.)

Here's a head shot of Paul next to my Whyville face.

So, to better compare the two faces, I've created a grid in the middle of our heads. The two lines are bisectors, which means that the horizontal line crosses in the middle of the vertical line. For Mr. McCartney, I had to guess where the top of his head generally was and go from there, but luckily, for my picture I was able to simply remove my hair.

Jeepers! Look at that difference! All of my face is squished into the very bottom of the two lower sections. Paul's eyes however, are about in the middle of his face and he seems to have a steady chin, aswell as healthy space between his nose and mouth. Man, I have it all wrong, huh?

So, just for kicks, I decided to recreate both of our faces as each other. I mean, I decided to make Paul's face proportional in the way mine was, and mine in the way that Paul's was.

Shifting Paul's face around was a bit tricky, but I managed. Changing mine, however, was just as easy as adding the grid, since I could just change my face.

Jeez, Paul doesn't looks so good, huh? His age is finally catching up with him, I suppose. (-;

And in my case, my hair limited the size of my face, abolishing my chin and forcing my lips upwards. I guess I'm just doomed to a chinless Whyville.

I decided to go ahead and save my new, proportional face, I'm always up to trying something new. Sadly though, the next day my sister teased me into changing it back. Maybe after reading this article, though, she'll begin to appreciate a relative Whyville face.

At any rate, I hope you found this little Why-experiment as interesting as I did. Let me now dare you to come up with one yourself, in the spirit of the Whyville Way! I know I'd love to read about it.

Good luck!


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