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Happy Fourth of July!

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Happy Fourth of July!!!

Hey everyone, it's TT10, blasting in with the latest news. First of all, I would like to say Happy Fourth of July to everyone!

As many people know, even those who live outside of the United States, the Fourth of July is the annual celebration of the "birthday" of the United States of America. The Fourth is the date of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776.

There are many celebrations on this day, including speeches, processions, bonfires and bell ringing. The Fourth of July is also celebrated with fireworks, parties, sparklers and much much more!

And now, let's talk about space.

What? you say. What does the Fourth of July and outer space have in common?

Well, I can answer that! On the Fourth of July, a spacecraft called Deep Impact will launch a probe into a comet thousands of miles away, causing a massive explosion! In other words, it'll make a humongous firework!!!

Editor's Note: You're probably reading this after the comet -- half the size of the city of Manhattan -- was successfully struck by the washing machine-sized probe. Congratulations to NASA/JPL, the European Space Agency and everyone else involved in the project! Here's to some great pictures and important science that is sure to come out of this!

On July 3, a big probe will be launched into space by Deep Impact. On July 4, that probe will collide with an incoming comet, called Tempel 1. Here is a schedule for the events, as given out by NASA the week before:

    Mission Events (Earth-receive time -- in EDT)

    July 3, 2:07 a.m: Impactor released into comet's path
    July 4, 12:22 a.m.: 1st impactor targeting maneuver
    July 4, 1:17 a.m.: 2nd impactor targeting maneuver
    July 4, 1:39 a.m.: 3rd impactor targeting maneuver
    July 4, 1:52 a.m.: (+ or - 3 min.): Impact with Tempel 1
    July 4, 2:05 a.m.: Flyby goes into shield mode
    July 4, 2:06 a.m.: Flyby's closest approach to Tempel 1

The success of the mission will be announced on TV and in newspapers around the country, I'm sure. For more information, go to NASA's homepage at http://www.nasa.gov.

Thanks for checking out my article. Over and out; gotta blast!!!

Happy Fourth of July!


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