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People Will Dearly Miss Bigfoot

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Bigfoot has been a part of Whyville since July 15, 1999. He will be remembered for his funny antics, and his caring about Whyville and everyone in it. He will be remembered for filling us in on breaking news and letting us enjoy his fantastic articles. I'm sure everyone including me is very sad that Bigfoot is leaving the Whyville community, but he will still remain a part of our world, even though he is moving on in his life.

Snowgri13: What are your feelings about Bigfoot leaving Whyville?
Xcandi44: I don't really know him, but it is a sad thing to lose a friend! I know this from experience because I've had friends who have left Whyville.
Jlo25: My feelings toward Bigfoot leaving are that I am very happy that I got to see his work in the Times, because it was joyful to read. It's sad to hear that he is leaving Whyville, and I'll always miss him.
Snowgri13: I am very sad, but happy at the same time. I'm pretty sure Bigfoot is glad that he put smiles on children's faces in Whyville, and I hope he enjoys his life as it gets better. I will miss Bigfoot. He was a humongous asset to Whyville!

Snowgri13: What characteristics did you like about Bigfoot?
Xcandi44: He was Helpful to our Whyville community, and very friendly.
Jlo25: I liked his writing in the Whyville Times. I liked his kindness, and he seemed like he wanted to make a difference in Whyville, and was happy to help others out. I am proud of him for that.
Snowgri13: I liked how Bigfoot was very imaginative. He could make tons of fantastic articles, and he made up a name that fit him. He always talked about how he loved to travel, and that's how his name Bigfoot came along. Bigfoot just lit up smiles on people's faces, and that's what characteristics I like about him.

Snowgri13: Did you enjoy Bigfoot's presence in Whyville, in how he shared his voice in the Times and the society of Whyville?
Xcandi44: Yes, I did. His voice will be remembered throughout Whyville!
Jlo25: Yes, very much so. Whenever I read the Times and Bigfoot's articles were in it, I was glad. I knew I would learn something from his articles in some kind of way, so I was always happy to see them. He wrote in a way that people could understand what he was trying to say.
Snowgri13: I very much enjoyed Bigfoot's presence in Whyville! He made Whyville fun by explaining that aliens have landed, or by sharing with us the new joys of Whyville. He always knew how to made someone happy.

Snowgri13: If you could say any last words to Bigfoot, what would they be?
Xcandi44: My last words to Bigfoot would be: Please don't leave! You make our community what it is; you are a great helper. But if you must leave, then have a good life, best wishes and sometime maybe... could you come back and visit?
Jlo25: You will be missed, and good luck to you in the future.
Snowgri13: I will miss you, Bigfoot. I and many others would enjoy it if you could come and visit maybe one more time. I am very happy about your new job, and I will miss you and your great articles. Bigfoot, you put a smile on everyone's face and I hope you remember that. Your working in Whyville was destiny, and you have lived it. Now it's your turn to fulfill your destiny some more.

Bigfoot, Whyville will always miss you! We cared for you, and without you in Whyville, Whyville may have been a whole different story. I hope your new job goes well, and I am looking forward to reading your last words to us all in this week's issue of the Times.

Well, Bigfoot the "globetrotter," I'm glad you have traveled through Whyville. I hope you travel everywhere you wish to go!

This is Snowgri13, shedding a tear for Bigfoot, who will remain a part of Whyville forever!!!


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