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Now, What Is a Senator?

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One day, as I considered the Whyville Senator Election, I wondered, what is a senator? What do they do? How long is their term? Is it like the process on Whyville?

I decided that I should write a Times article on it so that other people won't have to ask themselves those same questions.

What is a senator? According to www.Urbandictionary.com, a U.S. senator is:

"An elected official that is part of the upper house of Congress on the state and federal levels in the United States of America. The federal level has exactly 100 senators, while the state levels vary from state to state."

What does a senator do? According to http://student-voices.org/chicago/senator/, they:

"The [U.S.] Senate is the upper house of the legislative branch of the federal government. The Senate, along with the lower house or House of Representatives, composes the Congress of the United States. Constituents of each state elect two senators to represent them in the U.S. Senate. As a result, the U.S. Senate has 100 members in total."

"Senators are elected to represent the interests of constituents throughout their entire state. When Congress is in session, senators spend most of their time in Washington, DC. A senator is responsible for drafting laws and for considering and voting on legislation. The Senate also regulates interstate commerce, monitors military forces, ratifies treaties and confirms or disapproves the President's choices for Cabinet members, federal judges and other government positions. In addition, senators serve on committees. The number of committees that a senator sits on varies by individual interest and seniority within the Senate."

How long is their term?

Each United States senator serves for two years. Whyville senators currently serve for six months.

Is it like the process in Whyville?

Yes. In both, the Senators are elected by the people, and they serve for a certain amount of time. They both suggest ideas and they both have to pay a fee in order to run for election. They also have to be a certain age. (On Whyville, candidates have to have been on for a certain amount of time on Whyville, which basically means they have to be a certain Whyville "age" in order to run.)

Now, if anyone asks you what a senator is, you will know! Cool!

Your Senatorial Expert, LOL,


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