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Some of My Favorite Articles

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There are some articles in the Whyville Times that have really stood out over the course of time. They don't have to be written with fancy schmancy words, 10 years too old for you. They don't have to be sent in by one of the most famous citizens of our time. But the articles that I am going to show you have made a real impact on Whyville, and on me.

In no particular order....

"Improvement, IMPROVEMENT" (#131)
By Etrnl * (now known as Onyxavia)
March 23, 2000

What I like about this article was the fact that the author was, out of their own free will, putting together an article with ideas on how to improve Whyville. Now, in the second year of Whyville with only so many citizens in our town, this piece stood for an enormous step forward for Whyville. Many of her ideas in this article have actually come to pass; they are creations that many of us take for granted as a natural part of our community.

"The Perfect Krime" (#1104)
By SkUmBaG68
March 21, 2002

What a way to be noticed! A scammer sends an article in to the Times that made Whyvillians everywhere bolt straight upright in their seats and think, "Are we really safe???" I reckon that this, though a little crude, is an extremely well-written article. It did have a hidden result, though; it made the Whyville community realize how extremely easy it is to be scammed. Citizens all saw that they must take more care. The owner of SkUmBaG68's account may not have had good motives, but this article will surely be placed in the Y-History books.

"DHMO: A Frightening Substance" (#4426)
By NaeZ21
August 22, 2004

I read this article and I just thought, "Wow!" It's not just an extremely interesting article (you have to read all of it!) and a great way to teach you an important lesson. It's one of those articles that teaches you and is extremely interesting at the same time. Overall, this is an extremely humorous article and very well researched.

"Scream" (#4991)
By BeeZD
February 27, 2005

Is it me or is this piece of writing genius? Turning a simple thing like a scream into something so creative and wonderful. This one may not have changed Whyville, but it sure showed me that writing isn't just about putting words down on paper.

Well, those are some of my favorite articles. It's actually pure coincidence that they were all published in the 20-somethingth of each month!

There are many other good articles in the Whyville Times. Want to find them? Look in the archives! You'll be gobsmacked by the writing expertise of some of the ordinary people in Whyville.

If you want to see the expertise of the Times Staff, just look at the Editor's Note in "Spending It on Themselves" (#1691). It made my heart melt.

This is Cobd....


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