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A Tour of Whyville in Citizens' Eyes

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Hi! I'm kaybob3, a citizen of Whyville. My older brother, Pin88, has been on Whyville since July 31, 2002. I know Whyville very well thanks to him -- he's given me several tours of our town!

Whyville does have its own "virtual" tour, but in my opinion, that tour needs to be updated. It is old, especially if you look at the people in it. The clothes are nothing like they are today. Here is my own "virtual tour," which Pin88, runner201, kaybob2 and pin89 helped put together.

This is an example of the "Whymail" inbox. You get to it by clicking the phone on top of the groovy bus. Here you can send whymail, receive it and reply:

This picture you get when you click the map. This is basically the place where you find out the "cool" places in Whyville.

This window pops up when you click your backpack, or satchel. It immediately lists the books you have. Click on the ledger when you want to access your salary and bank statement. This person is obviously VERY VERY busy:

This is what your bank statement will look like. It has things you spend in red, and earnings in green. This person must be every rich to spend on face parts and the production and design.

Click on "Salary Ledger" at the top of the Bank Statement bar. You will get this when you click on it. Or you would if you played almost all the games:

Here you reach your salary. You play these games, and every day you get the amount of clams you earn from playing each game.

If you own or rent a house, you can access it by click on the little plot of land, which looks something like this:

When you get there, it may look like the picture of the girl in the house above.

Here, you can go into your house at any time. Also, you can get into other people's house this way, too:

Serigo, the taxi driver, can take you there.

Well, happy days!

-kaybob3, kaybob2, Pin88, pin89 and runner201


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