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Does That Mean Bigfoot Is the Editor?

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I read last week's "What's New in Whyville" and it said that Bigfoot was retiring! Awww...!

I always knew he was a great CW. Maybe we could have a Bigfoot Memorial Gravestone in Whyville Square! That's just a thought.

Or maybe, as Deriko suggested, we could rename the Good Citizen Award to be the Bigfoot Award in his honor. Other people have also said the Award should be a foot face part that shows that people acted like Bigfoot. That isn't my point in the article, though, so I'll stop talking about that. ;-)

In the original version of the "What's New" article, it said the Times is going on hiatus after next week. Now there's a new version that doesn't say that, so I don't know if this is true or not, but....

If in fact the Times goes away for some time, then it must mean that Bigfoot is the Times Editor himself, don't you think? Or he is at least one of the editors. The article said the hiatus was to honor Bigfoot, but I wonder if it was not only for him, but because of technical difficulties, since maybe they don't have an editor to keep posting the Times!

Who knows?

They have different personalities, the Editor and Bigfoot, but maybe, just maybe the Editor is simply good at cover-ups.

Look ,we love our Times Editor, and if he's Bigfoot, we don't want him going away! :-(

Editor, I hope you tell us which CW you are. (If you are one? Or maybe you are a group?) And whatever happens, I hope for a great future of the Times.

We'll miss you, Bigfoot, a lot.

This is ps2man1, already missing Bigfoot.

Editor's Note: I'll never tell! And yes, we had a version of the "What's New" in which I said we were taking a hiatus in honor of Bigfoot, but it didn't last long -- City Hall said the Times should not shut down if it doesn't have to, that literally stopping the presses wouldn't truly honor Bigfoot. So while I can't guarantee an issue in the next two weeks (this is a near-double issue to make up for next week, at least), City Hall wants us to get the Times going again in a reasonable amount of time. :-)


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