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Dirty Little Invasion

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You all know about the trend that has followed Whyville for at least a year now, if not more. Yep, I'm talking about dirty little secret, the blonde hair part that has sold more than probably any other part in Whyville.

Back in August, dirty little secret used to be one of the rarest parts around. People literally paid 500-700 clams just for a little hint of blonde. Well, during the past 10 months or so, we have been seeing a big increase in dirty little secrets being sold. Beauty contests (BCs) are filled with the hair! Hundreds if not thousands of Whyvillians wear it every day!

The dirty little secret has become a dirty huge invasion!

What really made me dislike the hair was a beauty contest I was in a while back. I had a different hair back then, very different. I was bald with bangs.

I entered this contest, and was shocked to see the judge announce that I actually got first place! Then about two seconds after saying that, the judge said, "Yeah right! Do you think a bald person would win???" And she gave the award to somebody else.

I was humiliated and ashamed... but it didn't get me to change my look. However, it did get me in a mood to start thinking of ideas for an article.

Why do people care so much about your hair? Well, it's a person's main face part, next to the eyes and lips. If people like your hair, they will most likely not call you an insulting word like "ugly" or even "Newb." (I know it makes no sense to use that as an insult, but still, people do it.)

If you go into any chat room in Whyville these days, you will most likely find at least one person wearing the dirty little secret hair.

In real life, hair is also a big thing. I have gotten my hair highlighted blonde, and soon I will be getting it done dark brown with red tips or streaks.

Anyway, hair is a big deal, whether in Whyville or real life. The message of this article is to talk not only about dirty little secret, but about being blonde as well. Blonde hair is very pretty, but some blonde hair is so overworn.

Looking for a different look? Here are a few hair parts you might be interested in:

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Well, those are just some suggestions for you to consider. Hopefully, this dirty little invasion will slow down.

Ozzy111 here, going to clip my toenails.


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