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Why-Pass Perks

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Clamie47 here to let everyone know about Whyville's very own Why-Pass.

First of all, I would like to say that signing or making those petitions that declare, "Buy Why-Passes with clams!" is a waste of everyone's time. This will never happen, and if it did, it would hurt Whyville. Not to mention the fact that if everyone could get a Why-Pass with clams, it wouldn't be such a privilege, would it?

When I was trading an animated part to someone recently, they decided they'd rather buy my Why-Pass for 100 clams. I said no, and tried to explain that it was impossible to sell my Why-Pass for money or clams. But before I could clue them in, they left. And I was left wondering: How much do Whyville's citizens really know about Why-Passes?

Well, here is all you need to know!

To start with, Why-Passes cost $5 American (about 3.35 Euros) for one month and $30 American (about 20 Euros) for eight months. The money goes to Whyville's funds for computers, important software, information chips and to pay their employees!

Have you ever tried to get in to Whyville, only to find their severs were too busy? With a Why-Pass, that would never happen to you again. People with Why-Passes get first priority into Whyville in these busy hours, and with the population growing, you may want to get your Why-Pass soon!

Also, the more citizens who get Why-Passes, the more servers Whyville can afford -- which means that they even help people without Passes.

Have you ever noticed those people with the 'on the grass' seating in the Greek Theater? Those are Why-Pass holders. I am sitting in an 'on the grass' seat in the Greek Theater in the picture below.

Having a Why-Pass also lets you put double the parts on your face, and double the friends in your address book. For those of you with lots of friends, or lots of face parts, having a Why-Pass would be good for you!

Speaking of friends, Why-Pass holders can send messages to their friends who are online in a chat room. The messages say, "Your name requests that Your friend's name meet you in The name of a chat room" -- that way they know you're online and know where to find you.

Did you know that with a Why-Pass, your face parts NEVER expire? That means when you buy a face part, you can wear it without worrying that it will get old and disappear! (The ones you already own become un-expirable, but if you trade any of your parts, they return to their old expiration date.) Also, if you don't like a face part after a week, it's still as good as new, and you can probably sell it for around the original price.

Why-Pass owners also get to go in to the Face Factory whenever they please. If you like to design things, but haven't tried out the Face Factory yet, then you should buy a one month Pass, just to see if you like it. Like I said, it's only $5 (3.35 Euros)!

Last but not least, Why-Pass owners can buy Animated Face parts! They move around when you say the trigger word, and are very animated!

Now for a very important fact that you should know: Why-Passes cannot be traded. If someone offers to sell you their Why-Pass, whether for clams or for real money, they're trying to scam you somehow. They might even offer to give it to you for free -- but first they'll want your password, I bet. Whatever they're doing, it's a scam, guaranteed.

I hope at least one of these perks of owning a Why-Pass convinced you into buying one, and that vital piece of info at the end saves you from losing your hard-earned clams, face parts or account.

Thanks for reading,
Clamie47 signing out!


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