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What Is Thought?

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It's been there for generations. Since the world began, every creature on this world has thought, can think and makes decisions for itself. Though many creatures don't think, and thus allow themselves to be pushed around... well, we'll save that for another moment of pondering.

Have you ever wondered... what is thought? Does it have a mass? Not a weight... a mass. Everything in this world has a mass, doesn't it? But with thought, there's no way to harness it and see. No way to harness it... study it....

No, sadly enough, I'm not going to say "until now." And I highly doubt that anyone anytime soon will study so deeply into thought as to find answers to the questions I'm about to ask.

What is thought...?
Does it have a mass?
Where did it begin?
Where does it go?
How do we think it?
Is there any way to enhance it?
And finally,
Is there any way to live without it?

I know what you might be thinking. Of course it has mass. It's a few electrons... pff, whatever. It begins in your head. It just sits in your memory banks, or it disappears. We just do. No and no.


You don't know. You think you do, but what would happen if we tried to harness this internal power, TRIED to create a power so positive that it could enhance thought, allow you to see everything you ever desired to see, including the only possible futures for our world... the many different ones there are...???

I know, you've probably stopped reading this, probably left. You probably think I'm crazy. But if you really think, if you use that thought to think about thought... you'll see it's not so simple. It's a huge part of your life, and in the end you really know nothing about it.

This article was written for a purpose... and only those as either strange or as ingenious as me will understand.



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