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Trivia Time With Neutral!

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The other day I saw an icon on the Whyville Calendar that hadn't been there for a while. Trivia Hour! Yay!

I decided to go to this event, of course, which I have been longing for for so long! It was fun! I took pictures!

This is when Dartanian got on stage and tried to answer a question, but got it wrong. Don't worry, though. She won afterward.

This is when I got up for a question I've gotten up for before! :P I got the 25 clam question wrong. Oh well. I also got up a second time and won clams. I got up on the very last question!

HAPHBAKED got up four times, but didn't win anything. He was nice enough to let gold837 go up, though. When he was up on stage, he was campaigning, saying, "VOTE HAPHBAKED!" LoL!

This is at the end of Trivia Hour, when I won on the last question. The winners were Dartanian, who won 100 clams, cobd, who won 50 clams, and ps2man1 (me), who won 50 clams!

This was a great trivia hour. I hope there will be more.

Oh no... I have to feed my cat, AGAIN!

This is ps2man1, opening the tuna can.


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