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Do Why-Passes Encourage Scams?

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It was a normal day, on Whyville at the Sun Roof, with me just living my life. Then a girl came up to me and said:

Citizen: Would you like a free Why-Pass?
Me: I'm sorry, I already have one.
Citizen: Well, would you like another? All I have to do is you tell me your password and I go on your account and install it. If you suddenly have no face or clams, it's because it is still taking time to install.
Me: I am not going to believe that. I know your trying to hack me.

And the girl left.

Now, luckily I did know that that was a scam, but sadly, some people don't get it. That is why I am writing this article so people know about it.

I just looked about Whyville, where I found many people selling Why-Passes. I was a bit shocked/worried; I didn't want anyone to be hacked. Sadly, though, I hink some people fell for these scammers' trick.

If you ask me, scamming is a bad thing to do. I think that scammers don't realize that when they scam they are proving they are poor, in spirit and in clams.

Now, even though what they do is rude and poor, I am sure that these people can be nice. They just seem to refuse to show that side of themselves.

None of us can stop the scammers, but they can stop themselves from doing what they do.

Scammers leave a big dent in Whyville... a very big dent, for those of us who fall for their trickery. Only they can stop that.

Please remember this article, especially if you yourself have scammed others or are thinking of doing it. We all know you can be nice. Everyone else, watch out for scammers, because they can be anyone. You never know if you might someday end up being the 'lucky' person they try to scam.

This is XxKarrixX signing out,


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